27th March 2017

Update Europe

17th December 2016

It was meant to heal the wounds of war. To prevent Europe from falling back into destruction. But this peace narrative has lost its appeal to the young Europeans, so used to the idea that Europe will be in peace in all times to come. Telling and re-telling this peace narrative remains as important as in the [read more…]


Circle of evil around Berlin

28th September 2016

Image: A typical ‘peakbunker’ (concrete cigar) in Zossen-Wünsdorf, apartments are mainly converted Russian barracks To understand Berlin one needs to look around the city as well. In a circle reaching some 50 km from Berlin many (semi-) military sites give a stronger impression of the violent history than many inner city monuments do. One can find abandoned NAZI and [read more…]


Berlin tenants virtually unprotected from project developers

17th September 2016

Image: building activities around Park Gleisdreieck It can happen. In Berlin. A project developer bought your block of apartments. You either have the choice to move out with some cash or they bully you until you break. One older women came home and found her windows being closed off by bricks. Berlin lets its tenants virtually [read more…]


Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

7th September 2016

Image: Climbing one of the 400 routes in Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord The name ‘Ruhrgebiet’ (Ruhr Area) is definitely connected to the former heart of the German steel industry and by that with the centre of the wapen industry in WWII. But the chimneys have stopped casting their smoke across the surrounding cities. The noises of the [read more…]

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